Besides a wide range of fruit, we also offer a wide range of the tastiest vegetables. From tomatoes and cucumbers to broccoli and various lettuces. Our vegetables come from Spanish greenhouses and open fields.


You can recognise a good aubergine by its white, spongy flesh and shiny skin, which is where most of the flavour is. At Hillfresh, aubergines are available in multiple sizes by weight.



The courgette belongs to the fruiting vegetables and is related to the cucumber. We at Hillfresh stock yellow and green courgette. We import most of our courgettes from Morocco and Spain.



A popular fruiting vegetable that has become indispensable in world cuisine. Discover for yourself what tasty Hillfresh cucumbers can do for your business. For such a fresh-sweet, crisp one, consumers keep coming back.

'Collaborating with Hillfresh is about more than doing business'
Jan Leendert van den Heuvel

Account manager


Peppers are the cheerful tastemakers of the vegetable world. Especially when the firm skin has a colourful shine. During the ripening process, peppers acquire their specific colour and flavour. Yellow, orange and red peppers have a mild, sweet flavour with a refreshing bite. Green peppers have a slightly spicier and herbal flavour. Hillfresh imports its peppers from Spain and Israel.



Our range includes tomatoes in multiple shapes and colours. From cherry and cocktail tomatoes to round and vine tomatoes. At Hillfresh, you have come to the right place for several varieties.



How do you recognise a HillFresh cauliflower? The leaves are fresh green and are firmly anchored to the stalk. While growing, they kept it covered so that it remained nice and white in colour. Also, the stalk cut surface is not discoloured. And the taste? Very mild and a characteristic bitterness.

Isolated cauliflower
'We bring growers and buyers together'
Jesse Zwemer

Account manager


Broccoli is the green cousin of cauliflower, but with a softer, finer flavour and a crunchy bite. HillFresh broccoli feels equally firm all over; from the stalk to the beautiful hard green buds. Our broccoli all comes from Spain.



Celery is the young, pale green stems of the celery plant. HillFresh celery is mild in flavour and crunchy. Of celery, there is a type with green petioles and with yellow-green petioles, the so-called white or self-blanching type. The green type is somewhat less fibrous and spicier in flavour than the self-blanching type.


Iceberg lettuce

How does our iceberg lettuce become so irresistible? The leaves of iceberg lettuce have a special cell structure that makes them retain a lot of water. This creates that crunchy sensation! And when you feel such a crop, it is beautifully solid, nice and heavy. Add to that the attractive light green colour of the somewhat transparent leaves and you have the answer…