Hillfresh and melons have been a great combination for years. Thanks to our large network, we can provide you with the best melons in no time. Are you looking for something truly special? Then check out our Limelon® page!

Galia melon

The Galia melon is known worldwide for its sweet taste and fruity aroma. Galia melons from Hillfresh have a high sugar content and a long shelf life thanks to their firm flesh. A perfect melon for the retail and fresh cut industry.

Meloen 4

Cantaloupe melon

The Cantaloupe is so packed with juicy flesh that cracks appear at the stem. Once cut open, you are greeted by the irresistible fragrant aroma of the orange flesh!

Meloen 3


Cleaning products consist of 95% water and is rich in iron, potassium and vitamin C. You can’t imagine a healthier thirst quencher, especially when served properly chilled. The seedless variety is gaining ground: the same refreshing taste, but without the typical black seeds.

'Taste-making is in our DNA'
Dirk van den Heuvel

Account manager


The Limelon is a combination of a sweet-tasting melon with a fresh-sour taste of lime. This unique sweet and sour combination of flavours makes eating the Limelon a surprising and refreshing experience. We are proud of this innovation available exclusively at Hillfresh.

Limelon half en heel

Yellow melon

The yellow melon or honey melon is like an oval sun, and you can taste that in its warm, sweet flavour. A bit fresher than the Galia or Cantaloupe, but at least as juicy. This smoother variety has a long ripening period and is especially readily available during the winter months. In these winter months, our yellow melons come from Brazil.


Piel de Sapo melon

Don’t be fooled by its looks. When you cut open this Piel de Sapo it is creamy white inside with a sweet taste and a zesty character. Our Piel de Sapo melons come from Spain.

Meloen_Piel de Sapo
'You really just have to taste it for yourself'
Gerard Verweij

Account manager



We successfully work with the best partners to ensure the quality of our melons. All year round! In summer, our melons come from Spain, from the Almería, Murcia and La Mancha regions. During other seasons, we work with the best partners from various countries: Italy, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras.