Product range

Hillfresh stands for impeccable service and thorough expertise. We work with fresh products, live with the seasons, and discover the most fertile places in the world, that’s our passion. A passion that we have made our profession out of.


Our supplier in Costa Rica harvests his pineapples at different times of ripeness. This allows us to offer 3 brand lines. The Tropical Sweet, The Extra Sweet, and the Super Sweet pineapple. Thanks to this harvesting method, we have a suitable pineapple brand for every customer.

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Ananas_3 stuks


Lemon, lime, orange, mandarin, pomelo, and grapefruit: We have selected the tastiest varieties of all citrus fruits. At Hillfresh you can enjoy the best quality citrus all year round.

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White, red, blue, and black. With seed or seedless. Grapes come in all kinds of forms. We import year-round from several continents so that real enthusiasts can enjoy the tastiest varieties all year round.

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Druiven mix


As a melon specialist, our product range includes melons in all kinds of sizes, scents, and colors. From Galia, Cantaloupe, and Piel de Sapo to our exclusive Limelon. At Hillfresh, you have come to the right place for the tastiest melons.

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Kaki fruit

Kaki fruit is a seasonal fruit that is available at Hillfresh between October and February. Together with our Spanish partners, we ensure that you are served the very best quality during the Kakifruit season.

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