In addition to our specialties, we also offer several varieties of drupes. Apricots, cherries, plums, nectarines and peaches, all delicious fruits!


Our apricots have a soft, edible skin, which protects the orange-yellow, aromatic flesh. When the fruit is ripe, the flesh easily detaches from the kernel. The fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals. Our apricots come mainly from Spain.



Cherries come in many shapes and sizes. Hillfresh will ensure that you get the quality that suits you best, making the cherry season a commercial success. Our cherries come mainly from Spain.

'There is no accounting for taste'
Francisco José Muñoz Pérez

Account manager


Unlike the peach, the nectarine has a firm but smooth and glossy skin. In terms of taste, the nectarine holds its own: it is just as sweet and juicy as the peach. We at Hillfresh import nectarines primarily from South Africa, Chile and Spain.



The plum is a very versatile drupe that comes in many variations. Each plum has its own ripening time and characteristics. What all the plums at Hillfresh have in common, however, is that they are all tested for taste, quality and shelf life. Our plums come mainly from Chile, South Africa and Spain.



Under the velvety skin of a peach is the aromatic and sweet flesh. A distinction is made according to the colour of the flesh which can be white, yellow or red. The challenge for us is to get the velvety fruit to you in one piece. We import our peaches mainly from Spain.