For the best citrus, you've come to the right place at Hillfresh. We import only the juiciest fruits for you. From Brazil to South Africa to Israel, Hillfresh has reliable partners everywhere who can provide you with premium quality citrus.


Sweet oranges, juice oranges, navel oranges, blood oranges… After careful selection of growers and varieties, Hillfresh offers only the best specimens. Fragrant, aromatic, juicy, sweet or with a refreshing sour touch. Together we can figure out which varieties suit you best.

Navel sinaasappel


The best mandarins are deliciously sweet, have juicy flesh and a loose skin. Hillfresh imports its mandarins year-round from Israel, Morocco, Peru, Spain and South Africa.



HillFresh lemons are juicy, freshly sour and have an attractive, glossy yellow skin. We import our lemons mainly from Argentina, Spain and South Africa.

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Johan Kater

Account manager


This subtropical citrus fruit is very versatile. Grapefruits with the sweeter, pink flesh are popular, but there are yellow grapefruits in addition to the well-known red variety. At Hillfresh, we have both types available in our range. Our grapefruits come mainly from Israel, Turkey and South Africa.



A lime, with a pH of 2.1, is the most acidic fruit we know. Hillfresh limes are great flavour enhancers that add some punch to drinks and dishes. We carry limes year-round, working with several partners in Brazil.



The Honey Sweet Pomelo is a variation of the regular pomelo. The citrus fruit has a smooth, yellowish-white skin. The flesh is firm and tastes sweeter – and thus less bitter than that of a regular pomelo – and can be white or red. Our Honey Sweet Pomelo is originally from China.

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Edward Kempeneers

Account manager

Because citrus fruits are so different, we work with different partners. The vast majority of our lemons come from Argentina and South Africa. Our pomelos have their mainly originate from China and our limes come from our partners in Brazil. We are therefore also proud of our partnerships with Mahela Group & Komati Fruit, South Africa’s leading providers of the complete citrus package. In partnership with Mahela Group & Komati Fruit, we can provide you with a unique top quality citrus service.