Your industry is demanding and your business unique. That is why you have unique requirements for products, packaging and services. You also want to be able to determine exactly what quality you are getting. Hillfresh is a partner who supports and facilitates this. With our network of reliable and flexible producers, we will proactively go to work for you. We provide customisation, an innovative product or a distinctive service. We also optimise every link of the chain, from streamlining to automation, from food safety to sourcing; there are still gains to be made in every link of the chain. Gains that benefit your business.


Met Rotterdam als toegangspoort voor Europa zijn we ideaal gepositioneerd om de Europese retail te voorzien van de beste groenten, fruit en service. Dankzij onze logistieke dienstverlener beschikken wij over een platform dat alle services biedt op het gebied van logistiek en verpakkingen.


We supply fruits and vegetables to hospitality distributors who supply restaurants and other eateries with our products. We select the best products that look great, but also taste delicious. A dream for all chefs who create dishes with it.


De groothandel richt zich op de groente- en fruitspecialisten. Om deze belangrijke groep klanten optimaal te bedienen, hebben we meerdere productlijnen en merken van topkwaliteit met een geweldige smaak.


We partner with food service to supply hospitals, gas stations, businesses and prisons with fresh fruits and vegetables.


Sliced fruits and vegetables have been gaining popularity in recent years. The products offer convenience and it saves time. For fresh cut companies, we like to respond to specific needs and requirements needed to properly process products.