Our broad and diverse range of grapes contains an awful lot of variety and the supply is year-round. Our loyal partners grow their grapes to perfection with sophisticated precision, and you can taste it.

White grapes

Seedless grapes are gaining ground. And that is not surprising. They are easier to eat right from your hand, without the inconvenience of the tiny seeds. For the best white grapes, we have a select team of suppliers whom we can direct. This way, you will always get exactly the quality that suits you.

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Red grapes

We are proud of our group of growers who make red grapes such a success. With optimal taste as our guiding principle, every year we try to improve our quality or respond even better to market demands.


Blue grapes

The beautiful blue grapes with a matt sheen are a feast for the eyes and caress the tongue. To deliver the tastiest grapes all year round, we travel all over the world and maintain contact with the most reliable suppliers. And you can taste that!

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'Taste-making is in our DNA'
Jan-Willem Lagendijk

Account manager


Because we want to ensure the best quality all year round, we import our grapes from different countries. Much of it comes from Brazil, Peru, Chile, South Africa, Namibia, Egypt and India and in the summer we get grapes from Spain, Italy and Greece. Our growers make sure that the grapes ripen evenly and simultaneously so that they can pick beautiful bunches in one go. We are therefore proud to work with partners Le Roux Group, GrandValle, Saturno, Orex Export and our exclusive partner Solar Grapes from Namibia. A leading player in the world of grape growing.