As specialists in pineapples, at Hillfresh, we carry 3 brands year-round. The Tropical Sweet, The Extra Sweet and the Super Sweet. Thanks to our close collaboration with Tropicales Del Valle, we can provide you with great pineapples 365 days a year.


With its green, spiny crown and hard scales on the outside, the pineapple has a striking appearance. At Hillfresh, 3 different varieties of pineapple, each with their own specifications, are available.


  • Tropical Sweet
  • Extra Sweet
  • Super Sweet


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'You just have to taste it yourself'
Leon Blaak

Account manager


Growing the perfect pineapple requires passion and sufficient knowledge. To provide our customers with the best pineapples, we have been working with the best partner from Costa Rica since 2007: Tropicales del Valle. Pineapples are grown in a hilly landscape. Pineapple plants need a lot of water to grow optimally. The combination of a rainy climate and a hilly landscape keep the pineapples from standing in water for too long. Our grower chooses the ideal time to harvest, paying attention to colour and ripeness. The fast connection between Costa Rica and Rotterdam makes for a perfect product!

tropicales del valle