From October to February, as a specialist in persimmon, we can meet all your needs. Thanks to years of partnerships with our Spanish growers, we can provide you with the best quality throughout the persimmon season.


The persimmon is a seasonal fruit available at Hillfresh between October and February. Originally from China, our Rojo Brillante persimmons are grown under the Spanish sun. We select the best fruits to provide you with the best quality all season long. The taste of persimmon is fresh and juicy sweet. The fruit has a somewhat hard skin. Once ripe, it is immediately edible. Persimmon can be consumed both hard and soft. The softer the fruit, the sweeter the taste.

'Working with Hillfresh is about more than doing business'
Artjan de Winter

Account manager


With our partners KakiFresh Nature Huelva and Nature Valencia, we guarantee the best quality throughout the season and source persimmon from three different Spanish regions: Huelva, Badajoz and Valencia. We are also currently developing projects in Morocco, Peru and Paraguay to extend the season by several months. To keep the skin nice and smooth, our partners pick and pack the fruits by hand and they are packed with the utmost care.

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