Soft fruit

Soft fruit is the collective name for our strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. They are fragile fruits but taste deliciously sweet.


A fragile but delicious fruit that you can eat right from your hand. Blueberries are sweet and slightly sour here and there. A good one feels solid and has a matt sheen. We source the best quality blueberries from Spain, Chile and Peru.



The strawberry can rightly be called the king among soft fruits. It is a sweet and firm fruit. A ripe strawberry is glossy and has a beautiful red colour and a fresh green calyx. Most of our strawberries come from Spain. We successfully work with several producers there. In December, we get our strawberries from Egypt. Both countries offer us top quality strawberries, and we know how to guarantee the best possible shelf life.

'We would love to share our passion for fresh produce with you'
Melchior Kater

Account manager


Our blackberries are juicy and fresh-sour with a sweet touch. It is for good reason that they are considered a typical summer fruit. In addition, blackberries are packed with vitamin C and are rich in fibre. The fruit is brittle and thereby susceptible to mould. Therefore, it is important to import fresh blackberries. Our blackberries all come from Spain.



Raspberry is a beloved fruit that, for many, symbolises summer. Raspberries, like blackberries, are made up of a bunch of partial fruits. They have a typical red-pink colour and taste juicy and sweet. Our Spanish partners ensure that our range is filled with only the best quality raspberries.